Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Only In Losing Everything, are We Free to Do Anything"

"You have to give up, you have to know, not think, but know that your are going to die"
-Tyler Durgen

I first saw this clip over a year ago and I'd been trying to understand since. Sure, I could classify the philisophical prinicpals that it is based on, and expalin why it was such a crucial part of the movie. But, I still never quite knew what the "sacrifice" Tyler Durgen was, or what he meant by "our model for God." I think I get it now.
When we avoid pain, when we avoid confrontation with our reality and when we avoid the acceptance of death we are dimishing our humanity. The chemical burn is on all of us. If we face it, and give up, then are we free to live without denying the reality that it is not there. However, it is so much easier to block it out and fantasize that we are somewhere else and this is not our reality. That is a lower form of existance, that is what those "dead people" do.
Tyler says that "God is all probability hates you." This is not a sacreligious statement. It instead of acknowledging the truth that God will always bring suffering upon you. To me, hate and love in this context are meaningless, God is God, but I understand why he says that now.

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