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The Supernatural

The concept of the Supernatural is illegitimate. By definition what happens is a natural occurrence. Thus, nothing can happen that is supernatural. Ultimately, this is an issue of reference frame. From an ignorant reference frame, an unexplained event may not seem to have a natural cause, thus is it explained through supernatural cause. However, from a more enlightened reference frame, an explanation (which may not even be rational, but regardless it will be natural) which is a result of nature will be attributed as the cause. This even applies to theories such as synchronicity. Synchronicity seems supernatural given our knowledge of the universe, but this is only because we have limited knowledge of the universe. This is not to dismiss God, but simply to deduce that God is not supernatural. If God, spirituality, and metaphysics seems supernatural (which they do) it is because we have limited knowledge of them. As stated before this is particularly true of God which is "that which we have limited knowledge towards."

Thank You Eric Reitan!

Finally someone has put Dawkins in his place.

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Not Sure What Volkswagon is Getting at Here, But I Like It


Advertising Agency: DDB, Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Amir Kassaei
Executive Creative Directors: Stefan Schulte, Bert Peulecke
Creative Directors: Ludwig Berndl, Kristoffer Heilemann
Art Directors: Marian Grabmayer, Marcus Intek
Illustrator: Kirill Chudinskiy
Account Manager: Kathrin Thiele

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ReThink This

This is in response to Matthew Apler's book The God Part of the Brain. In it he biologically explains spiritual experiences, and accurately so. However, he then makes the conclusion based on this that because a spiritual experience has a physical explanation, it has no truth to it.

If a psychological mechanism can exist to alter reality in order to increase the survival of an individual (as he argues is the purpose of the transcendental mechanism).
Then, the transcendenal mechanism may be an illusion.
and, the ego mechanism may be an illusion.
If the ego mechanism and the transcendenal mechansim are mutually exclusive.
It is impossible to determine if the transcendental reality is the illusion or if the ego reality is the illusion.
As for the experience itself is concerned.
There is no defnite way to dtermine if any experience has truth in itself because experiences are only within one's own realm of consciousness.
Thus, the explanation of a physical mechanism behind an epxerience cannot disqualify the truth of that experience.

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Can Spirituality and Rationality Coexist?

Does a physical explanation of a spiritual experience disqualify that experience? Is there any reason to believe that how we percieve the world in a wakened state is any more real than in a trance state?

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An Open Letter to Atheists: There's No Need to Hate on God

I am not writing this to prove the existence of God. I have not “proved” his existence, but reinvented the understanding of God. Mankind has always tried to understand God on an explicit level. We’ve personified him, we’ve given him powers, we’ve made him into a man that had a life on Earth, we’ve decided that he wants to be pleased by the actions we take in this life and we’ve decided the actions to take to please him. We’ve been painting a picture of God, but who has seen God? No one has, so of course the picture has been inaccurate.
In response to this misunderstanding, you have gone to the opposite extreme. You deny the existence of God, you ridicule any belief in him, and you claim you have a replacement for God. The atheist argument is this: logic is the only right way to understand the universe. Only ideas that can be supported logically should be acknowledged. Since you see no logical reason to believe in God, since God seems to be an idea which is juxtaposed to logic you decided that the idea of God should not be acknowledged.
But, once God is properly understood, it becomes clear that God is a result of our reasoning. God is a fundamental component of the human mind. I say human because God is not a legitimate concept if our reasoning is not limited. But, if you had no limitations on your reasoning, you would be God(the omnipotent one).
God, like everything else in your reality is an idea. Before we decide what the idea of God is we have to understand what an idea is. This is because God is a unique idea with a unique place in our reality. The one thing you have to know about ideas before understanding God is that there are a certain set of ideas in our mind are more primitive than others. They are the primary ideas, they are the ideas which we use to understand and create every other idea. These are the building blocks of our reality. Because of this we cannot define these ideas like we can define the ideas that are based upon them. A few examples of these ideas are: life, death, and love.
There is something I want you to notice about these ideas. They are all the subjects of our forms of art, and they are also all integral parts of our religions. These are ideas which are always associated with God. This is because we can’t make sense of them on the explicit level for reasons just explained. Instead we understand them through expression and ritual.
As for the idea that is to be discussed here: God. God is the idea of “that which cannot be understood.” This is why we associate him with the mysteries of our reality. This is why he cannot be understood on a logical level. However, if we think about the concept of God logically, his existence makes logical sense, even though we cannot prove him logically. If God could be defined, then the idea of God would be false because the idea by definition is “that which can’t be defined,” and if God can’t be defined, then the idea of God is logically legitimate. What this means is that God is a logically legitimate concept that cannot be proven. God is essentially the idea that makes the logical system of our minds incomplete. All logical systems are incomplete in their ability to prove everything that is true, our minds are no exception.
If you understand God in this way, there are many ethical, ontological, and epistemological consequences that result from this understanding. The bottom line is that we should stop worrying about whether God exists, and start trying to understand his place in our reality. whether God exists, and just let him be.

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The Extent of Greatness

If a mountain is big enough, such as Mt. McKinley pictured here, it can create its own localized weather.

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808's and Heartbreak

Kanye, Thank you for creating one of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard.

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The Fidelity Cycle

Human Nature isn't Good or Evil, it's Conditional

The Form of God

-If the mind is composed of forms,
-and of these forms there are forms which are of the most basic nature,
-these forms cannot be described because they are the forms in which descriptions are based
-and one of these forms is related to uncertainty
-and this form is "the form which cannot be known" in its form
-this form can never in itself be defined by its own definition
-therefore this form is true, but cannot be defined
-Consider, this form is what the concept of God is based upon
-This form is "God"
-This form can never be known
-God can never been known
-Therefore, God is what can never be known

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What is God?

In our mind there are axiom Forms. None of them can be described because they are ideas which we use to base descriptions upon. For example, freedom, and love. These are ideas which we can feel, but we cannot explicityly define them. One of these Forms is the feeling associated with that which is uncertain. That Form is God.
Interesting, God is the conceptual parallel of the statment "G" in Godel's incompleteness principle. This form in our minds is that which can't be defined. God is the concept which makes our logic incomplete, much like the statement "G" makes the system it is based upon incomplete.
God is what we cannot know, by its definition itself. It isn't what we don't know, it is the that which is outside the limitation of our state of mind and being.
It is impossible to deny the existence of God, because God is an implicit form in your own mind. However, by defining God as this, the existence of God does not effect anything in your life.

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Change Starts with the Individual

America is in a critical time right now. Everyone in the country wants a new direction and wants to re-establish American greatness. God Bless Barack Obama for his vision and leadership, but he can only do so much. The change America needs can only be brought upon if each of us do our part. Each of us need to be responsible, competent, educated and healthy. Even if it just meant that we returned to the average weight per person that we had in 1990 we would create 1 trillion dollars in productivity. That's just the beginning. No government program can compensate for individual intiative.

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Lose Yourself

All attatchment is based from the attatchment to the ego. Often times people are misled when they are told to "let something go." Ultimately, what they need to let go is their idea of self. It's just be like water all over again. There is no "I."

P.S. If my Fight Club scene analysis didn't make sense, this concept is what I was talking about.

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"Only In Losing Everything, are We Free to Do Anything"

"You have to give up, you have to know, not think, but know that your are going to die"
-Tyler Durgen

I first saw this clip over a year ago and I'd been trying to understand since. Sure, I could classify the philisophical prinicpals that it is based on, and expalin why it was such a crucial part of the movie. But, I still never quite knew what the "sacrifice" Tyler Durgen was, or what he meant by "our model for God." I think I get it now.
When we avoid pain, when we avoid confrontation with our reality and when we avoid the acceptance of death we are dimishing our humanity. The chemical burn is on all of us. If we face it, and give up, then are we free to live without denying the reality that it is not there. However, it is so much easier to block it out and fantasize that we are somewhere else and this is not our reality. That is a lower form of existance, that is what those "dead people" do.
Tyler says that "God is all probability hates you." This is not a sacreligious statement. It instead of acknowledging the truth that God will always bring suffering upon you. To me, hate and love in this context are meaningless, God is God, but I understand why he says that now.

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Love Bomb

-Danil Kryvoruchko

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Life is Music

Music is rhythm, harmony, and melody.
Life is what is day to day, season to season, and life is an unfolding story.
Our day to day life is our rhythm.
Our season is our harmony.
Our melody is our story.

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