Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Supernatural

The concept of the Supernatural is illegitimate. By definition what happens is a natural occurrence. Thus, nothing can happen that is supernatural. Ultimately, this is an issue of reference frame. From an ignorant reference frame, an unexplained event may not seem to have a natural cause, thus is it explained through supernatural cause. However, from a more enlightened reference frame, an explanation (which may not even be rational, but regardless it will be natural) which is a result of nature will be attributed as the cause. This even applies to theories such as synchronicity. Synchronicity seems supernatural given our knowledge of the universe, but this is only because we have limited knowledge of the universe. This is not to dismiss God, but simply to deduce that God is not supernatural. If God, spirituality, and metaphysics seems supernatural (which they do) it is because we have limited knowledge of them. As stated before this is particularly true of God which is "that which we have limited knowledge towards."

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