Friday, November 16, 2007

The Choice is Yours

Originally posted: 11:23pm Tuesday, Jul 3

First, I must say that this has absolutly nothing to do with our current President, his incompetance speaks for itself. I'm past it, I'm looking to the future, to the next President.

The way I see it we have two options:
Keep things the way they are
Vote for change

Who is it we can vote for to vote for change?
Party is not a factor, opinion on issues is not a factor. Vote for Clinton, vote for McCain, vote for Edwards and the result will be the same, more of the same. What we need is a President who is not scared of living on the edge, a man who isn't afraid to point out the flaws of our country the way he sees them. A man who isn't afraid of speaking as himself, not just saying what his political advisor tells him. If a President speaks of a specific plan, I don't care what it is, its bullshit. The President's job has nothing to do with specifics, its all about direction, its all about setting the tone.
This country is falling fast and this election could very well determine its future. If we don't vote for change we very well be doomed. Our political system is in turmoil, we've got a disgusting war that no one has the guts to end, we've got an energy crisis, health care crisis, imagration crisis, racial problems, climate crisis, all real, all breathing down our neck.
It doesn't matter what the opinion of the candidate is, opinion and plans mean nothing if they don't have the guts to carry it out.
That is why America needs Mike Gravel!!!!
He's got the character!
He's got the vision!
And he's got the guts got do it all!

He's the only candidate out there to vote for, if you want to vote for change.

See for yourself (note these clips are only about a minutes each and they're very entertaining, he tears apart the other candidates).

There are more, you'll see them.

The only reason I've heard not to vote for Mike Gravel is that "he's not a serious candidate." Well if that's the only reason, then maybe he should be a serious candidate. Lets stop having the media tell us who is a "serious candidate" and choose for ourselves.
Time is running out, Gravel...America needs your help now!

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theonlybman said...

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Chase HM (Hackley School) wrote
at 2:11am on July 4th, 2007
If you ask me, he's marginalized for a reason.

Honestly, there are two camps within the Democratic Party, both of which I despise. The first camp - the Clintons, Edwards, Obamas - are the ones who have no real platform other than "we're not Bush" and can't be trusted to enact serious reforms or policy changes to address our national crises. But the second camp would consist of people like this guy. Honestly, he's the typical conservative stereotype of who all liberals are, and it's people like him that make anyone of leftist spirit look like yuppies with a high school education.

His policy on Iraq is ridiculous, as I believe I've spoken to you about on a different note. It is in American geopolitical interests that Iraq be prevented from degenerating into havoc. It is in the Iraqi people's interests that Iraq be prevented from degenerating into havoc. Hell, it is in Iran's interest that Iraq be prevented from degenerating into havoc, and the task of stabilizing Iraq may serve as
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Chase HM (Hackley School) wrote
at 2:13am on July 4th, 2007
the perfect forum for the US and Iran to put aside their differences and set a diplomatic precedent for cooperation. But we have to resist the temptation of isolationism and shortsightedness.

As with everything else, I think that despite his impassioned rhetoric, he's not really standing out as a candidate, because he's simply pledging not to do anything the other Democratic candidates already assumed is out of the question, like nuking another country.

And I refuse to vote for anyone who uses the word "bajeezus" as a part of their everyday vernacular.
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Brian Liebman wrote
at 5:56pm on July 4th, 2007
Are you kidding me??? He's not a stereotypical liberal at all, he's not a sissy, he doesn't just talk out of his ass. I don't get how you say he hasn't proposed anything new, how bout ending the war on drugs, ending the war on terrorism, and nationalizing health care. Look I'lll argue with you about this later, I got to go now. We will finish this though.

Chase HM (Hackley School) wrote
at 3:59am on July 5th, 2007
1) I reluctantly support him on his plan to resolve the war on drugs. I think marijuana should be legalized for medicinal and recreational purposes, but I disagree with him when he says other drugs should be legalized and then regulated under federal auspices.

2) I disagree with him very strongly about his foreign policy. He has a crap plan for Iraq, and that's not even touching the other facets of the struggle against international terrorism.

3) Health care needs to be reformed - bad - but I'm skeptical as to how successful some of these nationalization plans will work. Either they can be very good, or screw up very badly.

4) He supports FairTax, which would not only abolish income and payroll taxes and raise all federal revenues from flat sales taxes (which would badly affect the poor, since the poor tend to spend income and the rich tend to save it), but he supports a rebate program that would create a huge class of Americans dependent upon the government for sustenance.
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Chase HM (Hackley School) wrote
at 4:01am on July 5th, 2007
I also disagree with the National Initiative because I feel that, in general, citizens are too ill-informed to be able to make laws, and that the main reason why legislation is crappy in this country is actually because Congressmen are trying to appease these ill-informed constituents, not do what's correct.
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Chase HM (Hackley School) wrote
at 4:02am on July 5th, 2007
That being said, I do deeply admire Mr. Gravel's history as a champion of environmental legislation, ending the draft, and pushing for the Pentagon Papers to be released. But I think he was a better lawmaker than he would be a President.
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Brian Liebman wrote
at 11:21am on July 8th, 2007
What other choice is there, the rest are dirty slime out of the pits of hell in Washington who have sold their souls to corporations and wouldn't do shit to help this country out?
Obama's an exception, but I feel he doesn't quite have the edge that Gravel has.

Bottom line is FORGET ABOUT ISSUES!!!! I don't know who put it in the American people's mind that issues matter, THEY DON'T!!! The only thing that matter's is the President's ability to lead and to make decisions and his intergrity in those decisions. President's don't deal with specifics so why are we judging them on them. Even in somone like Hillary's case, even though she has a specific "3 point plan" for everything, what's the difference what her plan is she doesn't have the guts or integrity to put it through.
When we vote for our American Idol, do we think of specifics, NO.
Great President's aren't defined by specifics.

Brian Liebman wrote
at 11:27am on July 8th, 2007
No one looks back on Teddy Roosevelt and says, "Well his 3- point plan for dealing with the railroads was a little shaky." If they do, they're overanalyzing jerks. The only thing that mattered was the Square Deal and how well he put it through (the Square Deal and the Trustbusting were based off the same principle so its legit to combine them).
The thing that gets me is that the Republicans keep winning without having good specific plans, but the Democrats as usual are too damn smart for their own good. They weaken themselves by compromising they're candidates personal strengths, by focusing on dumb pointless specifics that mean nothing and will never be put into action anyway.
Gravel wants to end the war and that's what should be done, I'm sick of hearing about how the devastation in Iraq is going to be awful. If we're gonna stay they're LETS DRAFT, and LETS MAKE SOME SACRIFICE!!!

Brian Liebman wrote
at 11:31am on July 8th, 2007
Otherwise I don't care if they'll nuke the whole middle east, not another American troop should die in vain because of this disgrace.
War on Drugs, he's right on.
Health care, who really has a solid plan for that anyway??
I have my doubts about his tax plan, but I'll take bold action over inaction at this point (not counting the stuff Bush does, I mean bold action with integrity).

One more thing, remember that Franklin Dealanor Roosevelt did not succeed in his first attempt to solve the Great Depression. It was in his second attempt when he looked back and fixed the mistake of his first attempt did the strongest reforms take place. That takes character, that takes guts. That's why a guy like Mike Gravel is the President this country needs right now.