Friday, November 16, 2007

Hypocrites and War

Original Date of Posting 8:48pm Saturday, Apr 7

Think about what would happen if the children of Congressmen had to fight in Iraq. You'd bet your ass we'd be out of there in a week. So, its okay for the kids of people they serve to die in vain, but if the same fate was to fall on them, they wouldn't stand for it.

Nothing can be accomplished by staying in Iraq, lets get out of there before its too late. Our foreign policy is like a raging bull, all you need to do is hold out a red flag and we'll charge. We don't think, we don't change the path of our actions, even when it is clear that they will bring no progress. Think about what happens to a bull at the end of a bull fight, he's tired out and he's killed. That's where America is headed if our leadership continues in the same war mongering mentality.

Anyone whose for a war should fight in it or their kids should fight in it, simple as that. Cause if your not willing to die for the cause how can you possibly as a man and an American citizen propogate an action that will cause the death of so many others like yourself (who would actually be far superior to you because they had the guts to fight).

War is an inevitable biproduct of the large organizations of land and people we call nations. It will happen, and often times it is the right thing to do. But, that doesn't mean that to be against a war is to be a coward (and anyone who calls someone a coward for the latter, who isn't willing to fight is not only a coward, but a judgemental hypocrite). Peace is often a much more noble cause to defend, and certainly some of the most noble men to ever live such as Ghandi and Martin Luther King were not cowards.

So what about this war. I don't need to mention why this war should end tomorrow, look at the progression of events and news stories the past 2 years and that will prove itself. There's no pride in slow, embarressing degeneration. I have the uptmost admiration for every soldier that puts themselves on the line for this great country. But, the leadership that misguides them and takes them forgranted infuriates me as it should every other honorable American citizen.

So, in short, lets bring em home!!

-Brian Liebman

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