Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Good Life

At the end of Kanye's performance of "Good Life" he kept repeating the hook and chorus and having the audience sing it back. I'm talking about like 10 or more times. More times, than I think the audience even wanted. At first, it just seems like he's doing this for showmanship, and audience interaction, but I've been thinking about and I've realized that the reason why he had us repeat the words so many times is to really understand them. These are words that I've often sang along with the record but never really thought about them. After Kanye's performance, I appreciate them and understand much closer to what I think he intended them to mean.
It's not that there's a different interpretation that I have. The interpretation of what they mean has always been clear. But, I never felt the emotion in them like I do now.

"I, I go for mine, I've got to shine, now throw your hands up in the sky."
"Is the good life better than the life I lived when I thought I was gonna go crazy?
And now my grandmama ain't the only one calling me baby.
So, if you feeling me now put your hands up in the sky and say
Ooo, I'm good."
-Kanye West

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