Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This Man is an Inspiration

I've been a Kanye fan since 2003 when he dropped my favorite album of all time "The College Dropout." Tonight I saw him at what may be his finest artistic moment as he performed the second to last of his shows for the Glow in the Dark Tour. Kanye was always the underdog, and now he's the biggest star on the planet.
There's no need to describe his creativity or his music... it speaks for itself. After seeing him in this moment, I've realized what an accomplished individual he is. I am not talking about what he as accomplished, but how he as a person is accomplished.
When I listen to Kanye's music and when I hear him talk, there is always this vibe that connects with me. After tonight, I realized exactly what that is. Kanye is the embodiment of the individual overcoming the limits that others have set for you. Kanye was never suppose to be a superstar. Going back, he was never even suppose to be a rapper. He overcame that limit. He was never suppose to be wildly successful as an individual artist. He overcame that limit. Certainly, he was never suppose to be the biggest artist on the planet, and he is that now.
On a personal level, it's easy to be satisfied and complacent, and just as easy to become bored and frustrated. What is hard, is to become that which you are not suppose to be. These are limits that are set by ourselves, by others, and by the demographic driven advertising culture which we are constantly bombarded with.
The purpose of life is not to overcome these limits. Most people don't even know these limits exist. These limits exist in a million possible forms, and the people that are subjected to them aren't even aware that their potential and self image is being trapped in a suffocating coffin.

"The greatest crime a man can commit is to set his sights low... life is a journey not a destination." -Bruce Lee

P.S. I was going to get into some contraditory statements about how the concept identity plays in here, but it will have to be said another time.

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